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Amazing Evidence
Table of Contents
I. The Age of Grace
What is the Resurrection?
Glimpses of Heaven
      Case 1
      Case 2
      Case 3

II. The Rapture
      Alien Abuction?
The Resurrection, Continued
The Love of Christ
A Near Death Testimony of Love

III. Signs of the Times
False Christs and Antichrists
What You Need to Know About Islam
      Islam's Origins
      Dirty Nukes
      Final Goal of Islam Decreed
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Nations Against Nations
Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes & Weather....
The Apostate Church
The Olivet Discourse

IV. Israel: God's Timepiece
Sabbath Rest of the Land
The Accuracy of Biblical Prophesy
The Last Day Prophetic Visions of Daniel
Messiah's First Advent Foretold
The Great 1,000 Year Sabbath Rest
Digging Deeper..........Calculations to 
                             Messiah's First Advent

V. The European Connection
         The Mark of Antichrist - 666
         The Meaning of "666"

VI. Rebirth of Israel
Rebuilding of the Third Temple
Reconvening of the Sanhedrin
Discovery of the Copper Scroll Confirms DSS
Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) Tell of 2 Messiahs
Last Remaining Obstacle: Ashes of the Red Heifer The Ezekiel Vision
Another View of the Gog-Magog Battle
        Valley of Dry Bones
        Defeat of Gog
What Time Is It Now?
The 70 and 100 Year Generations
800 Year Old Prophecy of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel
The Letter of Rabbi Kurdi
The Tetrad Phenomena
Digging Deeper: “The 70 & 100 Year Generations”
        The 70 Year Generation
        The 100 Year Generation
        The 2,000 Year Epoch

VII. The 2012 Mystery
          The Q'ero
          The Mayans
          The Toltecs
          The Aztecs
          A Hopi Indian Prophecy
          The Rwandan Prophecy
          Pole Shift Theory
          Giant Solar Flares
          The Carrington Event
          Bible Code Prediction
          A Mega Tsunami
          Collision with Planet X?
          Approaching Singularity
          The Prediction of St. Malachy
          Crop Circles - Encoded Messages?
          Jewish Belief and the Day of the Lord
          The Mahdi and Endtime Prophecies of Islam

VIII. The Coming Global Economic Collapse
How Did We Get Here?
The $1.4 Trillion Commercial Real Estate Collapse
        Delinquencies, Defaults and Foreclosures  Galore
The $592 Trillion Phantom Economy
        Pop Goes the Largest Credit Bubble in History
        The Catalog of Crisis
        Why Bailout Band-Aids Won't Work
The Next Housing Bust is Around the Corner
The Nightmare Begins
The World's Paper Currencies are Falling Apart
The Critical Weakness: The End of America
Turning Good Credit to Bad
Drowning in Debt
Standing at the Brink of Disaster
A 2012 Secular Economic Prediction

IX. Prophetic Voices
Is the World In Crisis Today?        
        Battle for Control of This World
The Coming Perfect Storm
        Five Elements of the Perfect Storm
        Why is the Storm Coming?
        What are Some Things That are Coming
        Four Things the Church Must Do
        Crisis is the Fruit of Following the Wrong God
Urgent: The Court of Heaven is in Session
        What God Told Me in July of 2008
        God is "Unfailingly" Redemptive
Warning From Dave Wikerson
        The Prophecy
My Awakening to His Soon Coming
A Happy Easter Story

        Chronology of Jesus crucifixion
        Old and New Testament Fulfilled Prophecies
Bibliography - Footnote Schedule
Book Highlights
Find out the special lesson Billy Graham learned from breaking the speed limit.
Discover how the "Mark of the Beast" system - 666 - is already being used in commerce today
Learn what "Paradise" is like for those who have experienced NDEs.
Find out what the most blessed hope is for a Christian in these last days.
Astronomer Mansumi Dikpati predicts the next solar flare maximum to occur in 2012 AD which could bring on the Carrington Event
Find out Islam's final goal and anticipated year of fulfillment.
Learn how God's Sabbath Rest of Israel's land is the key to God's prophetic plan for both Israel and the world.
Learn how false religions act as antichrists.
Find out about the discovery of a crop formation which depicted our solar system and planetary alignments to correspond to 12/21/12.
Read how Pastor Daniel was raised from the dead after 3 days and the warning an angel gave him to tell the world.
Signs of the Coming Messiah In This Generation
by H. Vandergouw
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Read about the true route of the Exodus and discovery of Noah's Ark and Sodom & Gemorrah.

Read how the Hebrew name for Jesus, which is Y'shua, is found by Equidistant Letter Sequencing

And so much more!
Find out how the 3rd Temple can be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem without displacing or removing Islam's Dome of the Rock.
Are you aware that the location of the Ark of the Covenant is known?
Did you know that Islam proclaims Jesus as Messiah and mentions Him more than any person in the Koran?
Read about the recent discovery of the "Holy Anointing Oil" as given in the Copper Scroll and its use in anointing kings.
Did you know that the Prophet Daniel was given the day of Jesus' crucifixion by the angel Gabriel?
Read about the 1859 Carrington Event that was so powerful, it burned the telegraph paper it was writing on.
Read about the Hopi Indians, and their expectation for the return of "Pahanna", the "White Brother" who will restore all things.
Learn about the discovery of the Aztec calendar found in 1790, that predicts destructive earthquakes culminating in their 5th epoch which ends Dec. 2012.
Discover the ancient Chinese book titled the "I Ching" which predicts humanity will reach singularity on 12/21/12.
Read about the prediction of St. Malachy who stated in 1096 of only one Pope remaining after Benedict XVI who is Pope this very day.
Learn about an unstable volcano off the Canary Islands, if it were to erupt like Mt. St. Helens, would produce a tsunami 330 ft. high!
Learn the key reason why getting out of debt is imperative in the day and hour we are living in.
Find out what the consequenes will be for all of the "global" money printing taking place this very day.
Discover the startling prediction made by R. Mogey, head of The Foundation for the Study of Economic Cycles, for 2012.
Read, discover and find out so much more about what God is up to in these "last days" before His Son's return!
Learn what the name "Allah" actually means and where it comes from.
Did you know the Koran contains some of the Old Testament, Psalms and New Testament?
Be amazed how recent prophecies are being confirmed by secular predictions and right in line with the "state" of affairs as it relates to Jesus' Olivet Discourse.
Read how the drying of the Euphrates River (Rev. 16:12)  has already occured once before.
Find out that Micro-chip implants are already in use today, ready to fulfill the Mark of the Beast plans for complete human subjugation.
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Exploring Revelation
A quick easy to read primer on the basics of the book of Revelation. Especially geared to new believers as well as old.

Short History of Israel and the Dispensations
A short but concise history of Israel presented in an Old Testament survey form with an analysis on the dispensations.  Again, great for new believers.

How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast
A quck presentation, as in the form of a tract, which can be copied to give to friends, family and others.  Handy and powerful tool for the days we are living in.
What Others Are Saying

"The writing of "Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation" could not have come at a more opportune time for the Christian Church. Just last week I received this statistic that there are only 200 unreached peoples groups left in the world (to reach) with a population of 100,000 or more.  If this is even close to being true then we are much further into the last days that most Christians realize.  This being the case then it means it is time for Christians to become more knowledgeable about these coming events.  H. Vandergouw has done a comprehensive work of taking Biblical studies, history, archaeology and current events and weaving them creatively into a compelling narrative.  His work on the coming economic collapse alone is worth the price of the book.  I especially appreciated how the author did not allow his own opinions regarding eschatology to become a club with which he battered us into submission. Rather he was much more interested in helping Christians prepare and understand the larger issue of Jesus' soon return.  Thank-you Hans for the wake-up call."                   Dale Schlafer

President for
World Revival and Awakening.
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Read about Evangelist Isaac Mabvumba's wonderful report during a Baptist Convention in Zimbabwe about a man who Jesus raised from the dead, singing a special song of promise for those in Christ when He returns for His Church.
And More Comments...

As I read through "Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation” , I was intrigued by the depth of research and amount of information provided on this very important topic. Hans does a great job tackling controversial subjects such as the Rapture, signs of the times, and Biblical prophecy.  I especially enjoyed his detailed analysis on "The European Connection" and “The 2012 Mystery.” He does a great job bridging the gap between Biblical prophecy and current events. I recommend this book to everyone!  It’s Biblically accurate, helps to keep your focus in the right direction, and it definitely keeps your attention! May God use this book to wake people up, as He is coming soon!

Pastor Tom Wilhoit, Fellowship of Believers Church, Sarasota, FL


This book has got to be the most "comprehensive book" written on this subject on the market today!!!! This is a MUST READ for everyone who names the name of Jesus as their Messiah/Savior and Lord in order to fully understand and make sense of what is going on in the world in relation to end time prophecies; and more importantly, how extremely close we are to these "end time" events which are going to take place before His return to earth to rule and reign for the next 1000 years and throughout eternity. In addition, those who do not know the Lord personally would also benefit from this book by, hopefully, coming to the realization that God's word is true, that God is who He says He is, thereby bringing everyone who reads this book to a "saving" knowledge of the Lord and generating a hunger for His truths through His written word and receiving the Holy Spirit into their hearts to comfort them and lead them into all truth. I believe it is the authors intention and God's heart that we are prepared both Spiritually (that we are in right standing with God), that our anchor is in knowing Him, so that we can finish our earthly race strong in "faith" knowing that our victory is through "faith" in our risen Savior knowing this that we are NOT saved through our works (even though by receiving God's love, we end up doers of GOOD works because of the love and light that has been shed abroad in our hearts.)

Nancy Wright
Sarasota, FL
Review given on, 9/11/11
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See Update Regarding the Lastest Concern  with Syria and  Iran's Nuclear Capability at Bottom of Webpage
News Alert!
Thermite Found!

Although the "Event" did not transpire, an associated event relative to 9/11 has been discovered. The demolition explosive thermite was found at all three World Trade Center building sites! to read more
Recent Update From Ray Sanders
Executive International/Director of Christian Friends of Israel
First Quarter 2013 from "For Zion's Sake" Magazine
See H. Vandergouw's comment below, updated 8/14

The current situation in the Middle East, especially regarding Syria, remains volatile and unpredictable.Complicating matters even more is the uncertainty of Iran's continual progress toward the development of a nuclear weapon and its threats to annihilate Israel. This places the government of Israel in a very precarious positon as to how to proceed to neutralize this enormous threat.

Of grave concern to faithful supporters of Israel and the Jewish people is the continuing deterioration of the relationship between the US President and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.  It has been said that Barack Hussein Obama has in past statements (not since becoming President) admitted to being a Muslim, and that he was born in Kenya.  Now that he is re-elected, it is thought that he will support the appeasement of the Muslim world at the expense of Israel's security. This places Israel in a very tenous position of responding to the growing nuclearization of Iran.  Obama is essientially tying Israel's hand by not agreeing to support an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. If Israel goes it alone and it results in a major military confrontation with the Moslem world, Israel will be severely isoloated and ostracized.  It would appear that Israel is in a no-win situation in which we need to pray for the Lord's divine intervention.

H. Vandergouw's Comment:                                     8/14

As a supporter of our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel, I believe if there is any due cause for action, it should involve the disarming of Iran’s secretive plan to develop a nuclear weapon. This is the true danger that presently exists in the Middle East, making the case with Syria a diversion in the least and a potential catastrophe at the greatest.  One has to wonder what Obama’s motives and goals are for not taking more pro-active steps to disengage Iran’s most likely building of a nuclear warhead. It is my personal opinion that it is Obama’s goal to bring about a governmental change in Syria which will be headed by Islamic forces such as the Muslim Brotherhood or combination thereof (Hezzbolah, Al Qaida, etc).  This was the goal in the overthrow of the Mubarak of Egypt and Gadhafi of Libya which the Obama administration directly supported and aided therein.  Recent intelligence has uncovered that rebel forces in Syria, many of them associated with Al-Quida, have been given military and monetary support from our government (via Obama's tacit approval if not recommendation). As tenuous and repressive both these regimes were, the outcome of their removal has made both Egypt and Libya more unstable then ever, leading to a greater potential for anarchy and all-out war with Israel.
  Moreover, the continued procrastination of our country in support of definitive action regarding Iran's development of enriched uranium (recognize that the only reason uranium is enriched is for the purposes of building nuclear bombs) makes our world a day closer to the day of Armageddon.