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A Way of Escape

To test my “notion”, I began to seek confirmations from close “elders” in the faith who I know well and who know me well.  A number are linked with national ministries and have important roles in their perspective ministries.  I will not mention their names for the sake of protecting their identities, but I will mention affiliations when allowed so to give validity to their importance. 

One elder gentlemen I shared this with is a patriarch in the faith and was at one time pastor of a large Presbyterian church.  He also held an important leadership role wirh Promise Keepers.  When I shared this information with him, he stated that he could easily see this happen given our economic condition.  He and I have discussed the state of the economy and the dire straits of our nations deficit condition.  On this we are most certainly on the same page and concur that it will all soon come to a screeching halt.  In fact, the Lord had spoken to him that he was to give a prophetic warning wherever he spoke in public venues where he highly recommended being out of the stock market in 2012. 

The next elder I felt led to present this information to is a gentleman whom I have known for nearly 20 years.  He was a former Mennonite pastor and is recognized both locally and regionally in Mennonite Circles.  Today, he is a co-leader in a Christian college and involved with a mission organization that touches numerous nations throughout the globe. When I shared this information, he was able to add revelatory information and insight regarding this very issue.  For example, he shared that an acquaintance recently told him that over 100 high level bankers were asked to resign their posts from the Central Bank.  When I saw him only a week later, he told me the number had increased to over 200!  We presume this is taking place to bring in a cadre of NWO bankers that will tow the line when new and brazen directives come forth. Moreover, when I mentioned that I felt the Lord had recently placed a new asset class in my mind (diamonds), he shared with me that this is what the Rothschilds use to protect their wealth.  Although he is not completely persuaded that this “Event” will take place as I have given it, he is well aware that a NWO agenda is in operation.  He asked that we continue meeting to establish a greater and more clear picture of what may transpire.

Lastly, I have most recently brought the notion of the "Event" forth to a matriarch in the faith who I have known well for nearly 15 years.  This elderly lady has been involved in leadership positions with prayer organizations such as the Lydia Prayer Fellowship and Midnight Watch Prayer Movement.  She is truly an intercessor among intercessors.  I provided her with a written synopsis of the “Event”.  I also requested if she could help me obtain names of church leaders of a specific country which I believe the Lord wishes to establish as a refuge nation.  The contact in acquiring these names has done work in this country and is a noted international ministry leader.   When I asked her just last week (3/18/12) what her thoughts were on the material I had given her, she stated that she is complete agreement and has heard similar reverberations of such a potential threat from other sources. It was at this point that I felt a very serious affirmation taking place in regard to the notion of the "Event” being capable of being actualized.

The most recent confirmation took place 3/27/12 thru 3/28/12.  It took place at a regional conference for those involved in the kingdom building organization titled the One OMC (refers to One Original Manatee County).  I had no idea the confirmation and divine connections that would come from this gathering. 

There was a lady present who has been involved in disaster relief work/preparation for a number of years. This is not all so uncommon in Florida, as we constantly need to be prepared and vigilant for any unforeseen hurricanes that might encroach upon the state.  After the meeting, I saw her conversing with a couple of attendees at the meeting and stopped by to hear her describe the heavy presence of the Lord that presided over Joplin, MO after the horrific tornado(s) that passed through there earlier this year.  She had the opportunity to help in disaster relief there and shared a number of testimonies of miracles that took place.  For example, there were numerous testimonies given by children stating they saw “wings with feathers” as they were sucked into the sky by the tornado and then gently placed on the ground, unharmed.  Believers knew that these had to be angels.  Afterwards I had an opportunity to ask her if she has heard or had received prophetic reports of anything happening in the OMC (the Original Manatee County covers 7 counties in southwestern Florida from the one original) region regarding disasters. She shared that she had a combination of vision/dreams from the Lord.  One she described was the appearance of the entire American landscape in total destruction, and people had nowhere to go.  From this point, I felt led to share the “Event” with her. Immediately after sharing this, she stated that she has felt the very same thing for quite a while now, which is, that the presidential election of 2012 will not take place. I had goosebumps as high as mountains when she said this!  This marks the first time I have spoken to someone who believes and senses the very same as I do.  We were both in amazement.  At that point, I became convinced that the "notion" I heard was truly from the Holy Spirit.  And I now believe that this "Event" will in all liklihood happen unless the Lord's sovereign power decides to defer or neutralize it.

The following morning I had the opportunity to meet with a pastor and his wife of CrossRoads Fellowship in Sebring.   During breakfast,  Ken shared how the Lord had placed on his heart to be prepared for an "event".   He’s been told by the Lord that he and other ministry leaders need to be able to grow their own food, store 1,500 gallons of diesel fuel for generator use, obtain energy from alternate sources such as solar panels, wind machines, etc, among other “off the grid” tools and resources.  On our walk back to the meeting, I was able to share with Ken how the Lord placed Sebring as my “retreat” location instead of a place I would have loved to have gone to normally – North Carolina.  He then offered for me to stay at his home in his “prophets room”.  Immediately, I responded in gratitude/thanks and told him fairly bluntly that this was all being set up by the Lord since I believe He wanted me to share with him (the “Event”, of course) and that our meeting with each other is an absolute divine connection. 

One of the last confirmations that took place happened as one of the speakers had us turn to a number of verses in Deuteronomy 20.  As I was ready to close the Bible, my eyes veered over to Deut. 19 on the opposite page.  The heading given as a title for this chapter was “Cities of Safety”.  This was the third time a verse or verses were given that referred to establishing areas of refuge all within less than a month.  I took this as another sign (see the list of verses given in the "Refuge" link).

At this point in time, I am convinced that the Lord is confirming this “notion” of the “Event” in a very significant way.  As I write this I felt it would be a good idea to establish a testimony link (or blog), one whereby individuals who witness or even have had the Holy Spirit speak to them about  “something happening ” near the end of the year could be supportive besides my own concern.  I will keep you  posted if such a link comes forth. 

Again, Another Confirmation
Friday, April 20, 2912 my wife attended a One OMC (Original Manatee County) prayer gathering.  There were a total of ten individuals in attendance.  One of the individuals is a prayer link partner representing Sarasota County. Following the prayer time, he commented to the group that he kept getting two dates but couldn't make a connection in regard to them.  The first date was 8/08 while the second was 9/11.  Cindy (my wife) commented that she felt the first date was in relationship to when John Paul Jackson received and issued his warning about the "Perfect Storm", which he gave in August of 2008 (I have included a summary of the "Perfect Storm" in my book, Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation).  In particular, John Paul Jackson referred to the year 2012 as "a year of woes, much like Jacob's Trouble". This is truly remarkable, for if it is "much like Jacob's Trouble", our nation and possibly the entire world could be engulfed in very serious troubles.

It is obvious what the second date, 9/11, relates to.   I'm am now convinced that the "Event" will transpire as it has been given.  After hearing this additional confirmation, I have been in a deep consternation and sobriety regarding the reality of this "Event" actually taking place.  The raw reality of such an event actually taking place is very shocking and burdensome.  Now I can truly understand how Jesus wept over Jerusalem when He knew it would be utterly destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans. 

It is my hope and prayer that you will now believe what has been written and begin taking immediate steps to protect yourself.   For advice and guidance in this regard, make sure to read the "How to Prepare and What to Expect"

And Finally, Another Very Significant Confirmation
On May 23, 2012 I received an email from my former Mennonite pastor and "brother" in the Lord who was one of the first individuals I shared my "notion" with. It was this latest information which galvanized my "going public" with the warning regarding the "Event".  The email included an attachment from a Christian group titled " in Action", giving a similar warning of an incident which is planned by the Obama administration.  I will include the first page attachment below for your perusal (for the entire presentation, see The Event. However let me quote the most pertinent aspect to this warning.

ALERT: A government "whistleblower" from the Dept. of Homeland Security informed the Canada Free Press that, "the DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) is actively preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States. He then corrected, stating that 'a civil war' is the more appropriate term.  'Certain elements of the government are not only expecting and preparing for it, they are actually facilitating it.'"

It is reported Obama, through the DHS and other agencies and "czars" is plotting a major "Reichstag" event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections...possibly indefinitely!                                                                               End of Quote

Upon reading this, I felt I received a "green light" to go public with the warning regarding the "Event".  Moreover, I am convinced that my "notion" is now worthy of calling it a predicted/prophesied event which likely will happen unless...

1)  The body of Christ will pray and fast as never before to move the mighty Hand of the Lord on our behalf.  A true call to act on Chronicles 7:14,  "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land."

2) For as many to take pro-active steps to inform our political and government representatives about this plan. This is the call being made by, which I fully support and ask every American to do at a minimum.

Lastly, I felt the Lord speak a word to me regarding this entire matter.  It was a very heavy word.  I felt Him say, "It will be a miracle for the "Event" not to occur". 

My sense was that if the body of Christ does not respond adequately to this warning, the "Event" will take place. And if it takes place, this country will no longer be the land of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness.  In fact, it will be just the opposite.