How to Prepare and What to Expect

This may well be the most important section regarding the "Event".  It is here I will give recommendations as to how you can best protect your wealth and assets in conjuction with what you can do to practically prepare if the "Event" does occur.

Before doing so, I would like to state that the recommendations given will be mostly general ones, as I am endeavoring to put this material up as quickly as possible. Once the mainstay of the information is published regarding the "Event", I will attempt to update and give more recommendations and links for your information. Therefore, make sure you visit the site as often as you can.

I believe many who read this will think that my recommendations are pretty far-fetched and possibly even outrageous.  However, I have included testimony from Martin Weiss, whose father Irving Weiss experienced the Depression and Martin himself, who experienced the collapse of the Brazilian economy where he spent his childhood days.  Besides his own testimony of what can happen when an "econcomy" collapses, he is also one who is seeing the writing on the wall, so to speak, regarding our government's malfeasant actions and resultant economic condition of this country.   You can read his testimony immediately following the article by Larry Edelson (although this article was presented in the Our Economic Condition section, it bears your readership if you happened to miss it since it confirms what I have warning readers about in the chapter, "The Coming Global Economic Collapse" in the book and this website, Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation.  I would like to emphasis that even if the "Event" where not to transpire, our economic health is in such a precarious state, you need to be prepared just as well as if the "Event" were to occur).

I realize that the diagnosis and in some instances prognosis of our present condition is difficult for many to accept or even believe.  This is especially true as we see the stock market indexes just flying higher and higher on a daily basis. With this evidence, many would say I've gone into the deep end.  However, exactly the same thing happened during the Great Depression.  Following the stock market collapse in 1929, the stock market recovered all it had lost and went ahead to acheive new highs!  But approximately six years later it began its descent to levels below the initial collapse. Why?  Because the fundamentals of the economy and government intervention (market manipulation through money printing and various social programs not producing viable goods nor an economy of production) brought the market back to reality.  And that is exactly what is happening today, but will only be much worse!!!  To fully comprehend and understand this reality, please read the chapter "The Coming Global Economic Collapse" in this website. 

What I just wrote about primarily touches upon our economic malaise.  Yet, I am convinced more than ever that the New World Order elite have a plan and time frame concocted that will bring on this economic collapse at a specified time.  And with additional confirmations, I am convinced it will be initiated through the "Event".  Even Larry Edelson believes "starting with the year 2012, the world as we know it will cease to exist" which is taken as a direct quote from his Real Wealth newsletter.  Therefore, I do hope you will take heed to these warnings and recommendations as much as possible.  Many will be very practical and doable.   So on that note, let us begin.

What Can We Expect
Before giving specific recommendations, I would quickly like to outline what I believe we can expect will happen if the "Event" takes place.  Doing so will allow you to gain an understanding of preparedness necessary for your particular circumstance and financial standing.  I will begin with the most practical considerations and then work up the economic scale.

In my book, Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation, I wrote about the existence of an Islamic Fifth Column, which are a group of terrorists that may well be used to launch terrorist attacks as a mechanism to initiate calamity.  If this group uses nuclear and EMP (electromagnetic pulse) devices, the shock of such an attack will no doubt cause our financial systems to collapse and possibly freeze.  In fact, I alluded to such a device(s) being used in the vicinity of Wall Street for the sake of causing a market paralysis in the section I Can See Clearly Now.  I believe the consequences of any terrorist attack will bring about a shock and subsequent paralysis to both the financial markets and daily supply mechanisms such a food, electricity, and even basic commodities.  Herein lies our problem. 

We need to understand that the "Event" will most likely be a propagated one, with specific and desired goals of damage to be inflicted so to cause "measured" chaos.  In fact this is a phrase that is often used by Masons and the NWO elite, "out of chaos comes order".  For example, a certain level of damage could be inflicted on our electrical grid network.  If sufficient, then it is very possible that large and major areas of the country will be without electricity for a measured period of time.  It has been previously reported in Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation that our power grids are extremely vunerable at this time.  John Kappenman from MetaTech noted that if a significant number of main electrical transformers were to fail, it could take anywhere from one to three years to obtain replacements due to the fact they are not readily available.  Just this one problem alone would be enough to paralyze our country in a very significant way.  If enough large scale "damage" is inflicted, just think what could happen.  Everything electrical would stoplights, motors, air conditioning, heating, communications, the internet and more.  A real emergency would ensue.  Transportation would halt.  Supermarkets would run out of food.  Gas station pumps would cease to function because gasoline would not be able to be pumped. Financial markets and banks do business electronically. They would shut down!  There can be no question about it, such an event would bring America, and possibly the civilized world to a screeching halt.

Yet, if such an event were to occur, you can bet your bottom dollar our government would have all the fuel it needs.  Where from?  The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, specifically reserved for our government (armed forces, National Guard, Civil Patrol, police, and possibly fire and emergency vehicle needs).  However, the average American may not be able to buy any gasoline, either because the pumps aren't working or if there is a gas shortage due to supply issues.  Can you see how our dependancy on the supply chain of life can literally bring us back to the Dark Ages?  Can you now understand why a "survivalist" mentality and attitude might not be so ridiculous as some would catergorize this group?

Practical Household Considerations
Based just on the scenario given above, having a three month supply of food, water and energy reserves may not be such an absurd idea after all.  Therefore I recommend the following...

1) Maintain at least a three months food supply.  To implement this strategic safeguard, every time you go to the grocery  store,  purchase a weeks worth  of  additional food. Be sure to purchase items with as long of shelf life as possible.  When you reach the 3 month supply limit, you will want to make sure you rotate your stock and not let these supplies expire.  For those items which are reaching expiration, use them in your daily meal planning while replenishing the stock you use. As an additional backup, purchase long term storable food (usually in dehydrated form offering up to 10-15 years storage lifespan). 

2) Maintain essiential emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, battery operated radio/TV, etc.  Try to keep a minimum 3 month supply of prescription medicines.

3) Every household should obtain a gas grill and at least two tanks of propane fuel if they rely on an electric stove for cooking.  In cold weather climates, it might even be desireable to have a 100 gallon propane tank installed with a ventless propane fireplace.  Again, any households reliant on electricity, oil or even gas heat may encounter supply problems which require you to vacate your home in the midst of winter.  A relatively inexpensive ventless fireplace can usually heat up to 1,200 - 1,500 square feet very comfortably - sufficient for emergency heat.

4) Purchase a high quality water filtering system for potentially contaminiated water such as a Berkey or similar unit.  In the event of a severe electrical outage, even the municipal water pumps may not work.  It may be prudent to obtain food grade 50 gal. barrel drums and store water in them, especially if you have the storage space.

5) Consider maintaining a garden if possible (canning will provide long shelf life food at an inexpensive prices).

6) Possibly go solar (for backup) as much as possible.  This would include solar panels, electric bikes, and any item that can operate on its own energy source.  A small generator may be a good idea to keep for short term electrical service disruptions so one can keep their refrigerator/freezers running.  Getting "off the grid" is actually a good idea, something the Amish have done for years rather well.

6) Keep at least a 3 month reserve of cash or small denominated pieces of gold/silver coins which are easily transferable to whatever currency will be in place at the time.  An alternative is to purchase "junk silver", which are pre-1965 dated silver coins that have 90% silver content in them. They are safer to hold and easily convertible.

Note: there is already talk about the American dollar being replaced as the world's reserve currency.  Moreover, with the serious credit default condition both America and Europe are in, it would not be surprising that a new type of currency will be introduced near the end of 2012 or beginning 2013, possibly even a single world currency.  This is not so far-fetched  as it has been previously brought up in various global summits.  This most certainly is a "sign of the times" to let us know how close we are to the last day.

These are just a few ideas which would be prudent to consider and enact.  I believe they are reasonable, practical and relatively inexpensive. To the left of this article are sources of additional information to help you become more self-reliant (presently under construction). It is of this authors opinion that being as independant as possible from the typical services we rely on is a more prudent approach as the day looms ever closer to the "Event".

Financial Considerations
I believe the greatest destruction to personal wealth will be due to the decimation of the dollar.  It's all just a matter of time.  We have already reported that the devaluation of the dollar has caused significant loss of purchasing power in the last decade (take a look at the article to the left).  Some financial experts are saying that the reason the stock markets have gone back up to pre-2008 levels is because safe interest paying investments don't exist, the Feds are printing money like mad (thereby increasing the money supply which desires to find a place to work or rest) and the markets are responding to inflationary conditions. 

Yet, the greatest and most accerlerated destruction to the dollar will take place if the "Event" does occur.  For at that time, the markets will plummet in one fell swoop.  Any individual who has their investments in mutual funds, standard company sponsered IRA plans, typical blue-chip stock holdings and so forth, will see their savings and wealth holdings drop like a rock from the sky (this can be averted to a significant degree if stop-loss or trailing stop-loss mechanisms are used - which is more fully explained in the financial advisory (take a look at the site by                          .   Be aware that most investments in company sponsered IRA plans and mutual funds do not employ these protective mechanisms). Therefore, the loss to most stock portfolios will be severe. For this reason, I do recommend that you convert your IRAs at a minimum to a non -stock based holding if at all possible.  Today, precious metal and real estate IRAs are allowed, and I personally believe they can be one of the most safe if not prosperous holdings during a severe market implosion and currency collapse.

Another great danger that's brewing in the monetary marketplace is the stability (or better said - instability) of the Euro.  It is a known fact in the financial arena that the Euro is in even a more short-term and acute crisis than the dollar. This danger has been coined as the European "contagion". What this means is, if the Euro were to implode due to the credit crisis in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and even Italy, the whole system will come crashing down.  If this were to happen, America would similarily be effected due to the global financial interconnectivity.  Just as the 2008 credit default collapse could have brought down the entire house of cards (if left to run without intervention), so too would a European credit implosion.  The result would be that billions and billions of American investments involved in the European sector (money market, CDs, bonds, etc.) would be at risk to serious loss.  There is no question that this would very seriously affect the American financial sector, which in itself is in a very precarious position to begin with. 

I am convinced that if the "Event" takes place, the entire financial house of cards will come crashing down. Therefore, I recommend the most prudent and conservative financial concepts as follows...

1) If at all possible, convert your present IRAs into precious metal and/or real estate IRAs.  There is no question that if a global monetary crisis ensues due to a catastrophic "Event", the world's "insurance policy" to guard against currency destruction/debasement will be precious metals.  Gold and silver will explode to heights never seen before.  Financial experts in these investments state that at a minimum, we could see gold easily go to $3,000/oz. while silver will elevate to $50-$70/oz.  If the "Event" is powerful enough to cause a serious global collapse (which I believe is very possible) there are those who state gold could easily reach $5,000 to $10,000/oz., while silver could skyrocket to $150 to $300/oz.  At a minimum, consider coverting 35% - 50% of your financial portfolio to these safe haven "insurance" investments.

Many precious/metal holding analysts state that if you invest in precious metals, it needs to held physically - and in a safe place.  For example, if a banking holiday is declared (which I also believe will occur), bank safe deposit boxes will also be frozen.  Therefore, it is not recommended that you hold any precious items in bank safe deposit boxes. Yet, holding all of your physical precious metals at home can also be a dangerous proposition, especially if anarchy begins to prevail in municipal locations.  For this reason, I recommend an overseas location that I believe will be the safest place one can hold such valuable assests, not only from public theft but potential government confiscation (read article about this possiblity to the left).

If you are involved in a company or government sponsored IRA plan that will not allow you to close out your plan due to the conditions of maintaining your plan with the company, then at a minimum I would now recommend converting any stock holdings to a money market account (hopefully you have this choice in directing your account).  The markets are very "frothy" thus far and although they may yet go up, it is not worth the loss if they begin to falter (as of this writing on 5/1/12).  At the same time, it also complies with the adage, "Sell in May and go away", which on a historic basis has shown that markets typically falter the most during the summer doldrums  In so doing, you'll already be postioned for 9/11/12 and the "Event" if it does occur.

The last asset class I recommend are stocks, mutual funds and ETFs (electronically traded funds) and their derivatives, known as options.  I would recommend holding 25% -45% of your investable assets in this arena of the 50% mentioned earlier.  This could be a risky proposition if such an account would be held stateside.  The danger in this would be if our financial systems were to be frozen for an indefinite period of time.  Again, what do you think the consequences would be if a dirty nuclear device or EMP were to be set of in the heart of Wall Street?  I believe wholeheartedly that the market would be "frozen" for a longer period of time then one can imagine.  In the meantime, dollar and/or worldwide currency destruction could take place which could decimate your funds. However, an overseas brokerage account location could avoid this problem (this will be further discussed in the next section).  Moreover, the flip side to this dilema is that your majority ownership in precious holdings would more than likely skyrocket.  And this is beauty of holding diversified accounts both here and abroad.

It is beyond the scope of this website to recommend highly leveraged financial instruments.  However, the website, which features the Endtime Advisor, is geared to provide such highly profitable recommendations.  Through the use of leveraged ETFs and their options, we will recommend using 15% - 25% of your investable assets in this arena to make excellent profits.  For example, we would potentially look to turn $30,000 into $200,000 to $300,000 in literally a matter of days.  Although under typical market conditions such investments can be extremely risky, if the "Event" occurs, such an investment will more than likely bring such a profitable dream into reality.  We invite you to consider becoming a member of HigherPowerInvesting.                           to access the site.

Overseas Considerations
Due to the consequences of what the "Event" will entail, I highly recommend individuals with significant net worth to seriously consider distributing a majority portion of their liquid and non-liquid assets in safe overseas locations.

Since the goal of the NWO globalists is to initiate a New World Order, a very important aspect to accomplishing this goal is to bring into existence a new financial order.  It is my belief that since the western financial markets are in such horrific state of affairs, it will be a perfect time to replace the old with the new, so to speak.  The advantage of bringing forth an entirely new financial order is that the astronomical debt of both America and Europe can be simply written off (i.e. eliminated) as would be the typical solution to bankrupt households, companies and organizations.  And so too will it be for America and Europe.  Sadly, the consequences of all this will destroy the viable assets of many Americans and Europeans. 

  As described earlier, a perfect way to accomplish this goal is to catalyze an "Event".  The mayhem produced by the "Event" will initially bring havoc to the financial markets as never before, thus producing the desired effect.  And if we are to believe what Rev. Lindsay Williams has heard from the "elite" themselves, "that all printed assets (financial notes as in stock certificates, bonds, certificates of deposit, printed currency, etc.) will be worth no more than the paper they are printed on", it is with the greatest of urgency that one begins now to convert his/her assets to holdings that have been known throughout history to maintain their value. It is for this reason that I would make the highest recommendation for converting at a minimum one-half of your available monetary assests (stock market holdings, bonds, annuities, money market funds) to precious asset holdings such as diamonds and precious metals (gold, silver, platinium and even palladium). Realize, that there are companies that allow precious metal holdings in IRAs so that you need not concern yourself with capital gain taxation.  All you would do is roll over these accounts.  

Due to my concern of confiscatory laws being enacted as well (especially if martial law regulations are instituted), I am convinced more than ever one needs to have a majority of his/her wealth outside the fray.  For this reason, I highly recommend securing a the majority of your assests in "safe haven" areas.   Again, such can be found in overseas locations.

It is beyond this website to give specfic recommendations as to what locations and organizations that are best suited to protect your life's savings and assets.  However I do believe your membership to the Endtime Advisor will provide one of the greatest tools to not only protect and preserve your wealth, but also increase it, especially with foreknowledge of the "Event" taking place.  Please consider the opportunity offered to the left of this article.

Peace and Blessings to You

Hans Vandergouw
The "Event"
Article Headings
Note:   Links underlined below are active whereas those without underlines are under construction.
America's Financial Doomsday

An historic, world-changing event is about to crush the U.S. economy and stock market.

It will destroy the income, savings, investments and retirements of millions of Americans.

It will plunge vast numbers of families into the nightmare of poverty ... hunger ... and homelessness.

Only a minority of investors will survive intact. And some will actually build their wealth in the process.

I’m going to reveal some very disturbing facts about America’s economic decline and how it’s now threatening your financial security.

These facts are so shocking, that I’ve decided to present them to you in a special format that is absolutely clear and fully documented, starting right now ...

I’m Martin Weiss, founder of Weiss Research.

You may know my company because every day, more than 500,000 people get our financial publications.

And hundreds of thousands more have used our Weiss Ratings on banks, insurance companies and stocks to help make prudent financial decisions.

You may also know us because we’ve been on TV and in the newspapers a lot lately:

We were the first rating agency in the world to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth about the financial mess the United States government has gotten itself into.

Unlike Moody’s, Fitch and even S&P which still give the U.S. a stellar rating despite its financial troubles, we gave Uncle Sam a credit rating that places him where he really belongs — just above nations that are already on the brink of bankruptcy.

And boy, did the media ever have a field day with that story!

The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s reported that the Weiss Rating on Uncle Sam is a mere two notches above “junk” — the category assigned to near-bankrupt nations.

Fortune expressed shock that we ranked America’s finances below several smaller countries.

And Forbes reported that Weiss beat Standard & Poor’s in downgrading the U.S.

You may also know me because, in the 40 years since I founded this company, so many of our prior warnings made the news.

Months in advance, we warned about the S&L crisis of the 1980s, the giant insurance company failures of the 1990s, plus the great “Tech Wreck” of the early 2000s.

More recently, ours was the only firm in the world to issue low ratings — and specifically name — nearly every major company that collapsed.

We gave advance warnings about the failure of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, General Motors, Fannie Mae, Wachovia, Citigroup, Bank of America, and many others.

These kinds of on-target warnings prompted Worth magazine to say, “Weiss’s record is so good compared with that of his competitors ... consumers need look no further.”

And the New York Times to say, “Weiss was the first to see the dangers and say so unambiguously.”

Barron’s wrote, “Weiss is the leader in identifying vulnerable companies.”

And NEWSMAX said, “Weiss’s prediction of the current economic crisis is uncanny.”

More importantly, our forecasts allowed investors to avoid big losses and even make money as the crisis unfolded. On average, the 15 investments we gave the highest ratings to rose 467% DESPITE the worst debt crises in recent years. And we also recommended investments that are designed to make you money BECAUSE of the crisis.

I expect they’ll do even better in the months ahead. Because now, a far more dangerous phase of this crisis is beginning. Barring a miracle in Washington ...

An historic, world-changing event is about to permanently alter your life.

This doomsday event will plunge vast numbers of families into the nightmare of poverty, homelessness and hunger. In the worst case scenario, you will see soaring crime, the confiscation of property, the suspension of civil rights, and even martial law enforcement by the U.S. military ...

I’m well aware that these forecasts will be controversial even among my closest friends.  But today, I’ll present powerful evidence of their accuracy.

I’ll describe exactly what to expect as America’s great debt crisis continues to unfold — how it’s likely to impact you, your family and your finances. I’ll NAME the giant banks that are most vulnerable.

And, I’ll give you my strategies for protecting and improving your finances as this crisis unfolds.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about the doomsday event that will trigger America’s decline and change our lives forever. But first, let me tell you about how this has actually happened before!

I personally lived through the kind of disaster the U.S. is facing now.

I went to high school in a large foreign country, one of the largest in the world. And when their leaders made the same mistakes Washington is making now, all hell broke loose.

First, the cost of living exploded. Suddenly, everything we needed to buy cost ten times more. In some cases, the crisis became deadly: Prices rose so quickly that construction companies began using lower-quality concrete.

Developers added more floors to buildings in an attempt to recoup rapidly rising costs.

So when one of these skyscrapers collapsed, a teacher who lived next door found his home crushed under the rubble, his wife still inside.

Later, in sheer desperation, the government begged the people to donate their gold jewelry and coins to help save the economy.

One woman even pulled the wedding ring off her finger to give it to the government. Local officials shook her hand but corrupt politicians pocketed the gold.

Later, the government got so desperate; it summarily froze everyone’s bank accounts. It confiscated their money and replaced it with a new, far-less valuable currency. And that was only the beginning of the people’s suffering.

In the end, they were doomed to decades of intense financial pain, shame and lost personal liberties. I can assure you these stories are true — because I witnessed them personally:

The teacher who nearly lost his wife when the skyscraper collapsed was my teacher.

The patriotic woman who donated her gold wedding band was my best friend’s mother.

These things happened when I was a young man living in the third largest country in the capitalist world at that time — Brazil.

But my story is definitely NOT unique ...

More recently, this kind of crisis has also struck a very powerful European nation.

After its leaders made the same mistake ours are making now, the country’s bonds collapsed in value, interest rates exploded to over 200%. In just six months, its stock market plunged 75%.

The common people suffered tremendously: A staggering 60% of the workforce was paid only partially and received their paychecks months after they were due.

As the economy collapsed, millions of average citizens fell victim to crime and corruption. The police demanded bribes for traffic violations — both real and imagined.

Organized crime syndicates divvied up the country into their own private fiefdoms, profiting from protection rackets, prostitution, smuggling, narcotics-peddling and even murder for hire.

The government itself admitted that the criminals owned or controlled about half of the country’s private businesses.

A friend of mine said:

“Many banks, including some of the largest in the country, shut down. They closed their doors forever. Our savings were wiped out.

“All people could do about it was to go to their banks and hammer on locked doors.

“Other people demonstrated on the streets. They carried their devalued money in miniature coffins and marched past our central bank.”

All this happened in the 1990s — in Russia, formerly one of the most powerful nations on the face of the Earth.

Of course, the U.S. is not Russia; we have far stronger democratic institutions. And our economy is far larger than Brazil’s, but when a nation’s larders make the same mistakes Brazil and Russia made, the consequences are invariably going to be similar.

The people of Brazil and Russia paid dearly for their leaders’ blunders. Barring a miracle, the American people are also about to pay a very big price.

Europe is suffering through this same kind of crisis..........RIGHT NOW!

For a sneak preview of the doomsday event about to strike the United States, just look at the catastrophe taking place in Western Europe right now. In Greece, a friend of mine reports:

“Everywhere in Greece, home values are plunging. Unemployment is soaring. One in four Greeks, including over 450,000 children, live in poverty. Crime is exploding.

“Athens is beginning to look like a ghost town. Everywhere you look, shop windows are boarded up. Of those that are still open, most are running going-out-of-business sales.”

Greece is not alone!

In Spain, similar stories are being told in Madrid, Barcelona and 50 other cities across the country.

Tens of thousands of workers have taken to the streets to protest a problem they thought they’d NEVER see again in their lifetime:

Not just 10% official unemployment like we’ve recently seen in the U.S. — but 21% official unemployment!

A friend of mine in Madrid says:

“You wouldn’t believe what I’m seeing here on the streets of Madrid. Beggars outnumber tourists and protesters outnumber beggars.

“In front of Parliament, riot police stand watch to protect lawmakers from angry mobs. All over the country, in Viscaya, Cataluña, Andalucía, we see the same thing.”

In Ireland, the government faced immediate default and was forced to impose harsh austerity measures that plunged the country into depression.

In London and cities all across England, similar kinds of austerity measures recently triggered the worst riots of modern times.

Entire neighborhoods went up in flames.

Even large commercial buildings were set on fire, and left in ruins. Worse, this financial and social crisis is threatening to spread to countries like Italy, France and even Germany.

Now, you may be thinking, “But we’re different! Nothing like that could ever happen here.”

I assure you: The people of Brazil, Russia, Greece, Ireland and Spain never dreamed it could happen there, either!

The truth is our own leaders have made the same financial blunders that their leaders made.

And that’s why America is headed for the financial doomsday.

Martin Weiss
of Weiss Research
High Worth Considerations
If your total investable holdings surpass $500,000, it would be prudent to develop an allocated account in three different asset classes.  The most significant one would be holdings in precious metals and diamonds. Recall, I felt the Lord had spoken that diamonds needed to constitute a significant portion of ones precious asset holdings.  This was confirmed by my elder confidante who shared that the Rothchilds primarily hold diamonds in their accounts. Therefore, I recommend a 50% holding of diamonds, followed by a 25% holding of gold and silver, respectively. Since I forsee serious market and currency destruction, precious holdings such as diamonds, gold and silver will dramatically increase in their value.  This being the case, I recommend one hold about 50% -75% of your investable net worth in these commodities.  For example, in a $500,000 portfolio, I would hold $250,000 in precious holdings, of which $150,00 could be diamonds while $100,000 in a mix of gold and silver. Of this total, I would recommend only holding about 5-10% of these in a local setting, whether at home or other secure location.

If you chose a 50% allocation, then on a $500,000 portfolio, the remaining $250,000 could be invested in a variety of financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, and cash (by way of money market funds). However, I believe it would be very prudent to hold 50% of both precious holdings and monetary holdings overseas. Lastly, I would recommend having a  3 month minimum of "cash on hand" for emergency purposes.  For high net worth portfolios, increase the time frame to 6 months.
An Unique Window of Opportunity

There are a group of ETF (electronically traded funds) that act in an opposite manner that the stock indexes perform.  These are called inverse funds. You can invest in these funds as you do  stocks. They are available for most of the popular market indexes such as the DOW, S & P 500, Russell 2000, Nasdaq and so forth.  The only difference is that when a particular index goes down, these will correspondingly go up. Not only that, but some also come in leveraged choices, either as a 2x fund and even 3x fund. In other words, if you invest in SPXU and the S&P moves down 10 points, this fund should move 30 points up. 

Moreover, there are options offered on a number of these ETFs so that using a 3x fund option, you could see a potential of profiting 30x your investment.

If the "Event" occurs and the market hence-forth suffers, one can potentially make an incredible profit by investing in these ETFs.

Higher Power Investing as part of its service to members, will exploit these vehicles to provide a unique means of profiting from this "Event".  To gain immediate access to this website, just...

What is the  DOW Worth Today?

To fully understand what the Dow Jones Average index is really worth, you need to see what it's doing in terms of the price of gold.

In terms of gold...if you invested $10,000 in the Dow at the end of the year 2000, the purchasing power of those dollars is now worth a mere $2,300.

Put in another way, in real terms, you've lost 77% of your money.

Larry Edelson
Real Wealth Report
April 2012
A Unique Foreign Certificate

There is a unique foreign certficate that allows you to hold gold overseas without having to either report it to the IRS or  pay taxes on it.  Incredibly, under this system the U.S. government does not count gold held in this form as money. 

Therefore, what it doesn't see it can't take and therefore is out of legal reach.  Besides, this certificate is fully insured by Lloyd's of London and is audited internally and independently.

For more information on the details of this certificate...

If the ObamaCare Bill Passes, Any Gold You Own Can Be Confiscated!

A law, hidden deep in the 956 page Obama healthcare reform could set the stage for the federal government to confiscate ALL your gold. This official law is in section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Very few people have read all 10,909 sections of the bill and even fewer comprehend all its ramifications.  Amazingly, the healthcare bill has nothing to do with gold whatsoever, the very reason they hid this law there.

Once this law passes, then this rule goes into effect.  It will also require that all gold transactions over $600 must now be recorded to the IRS.  This means gold sold between citizens, gold coin dealers and any sale, period, will need to be recorded.

And you don't think the Feds have gold confiscation in view?

Find out what you can do to avoid this type of action by...

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A Way of Escape
Breaking News from Larry Edelson's Real Wealth Report!

I had quoted an interview between Larry Edelson, Martin Weiss (Larry''s publisher) and Richard Mogey, Research Director for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles in my book Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation, predicting that a "Perfect Economic Storm" would come in 2012 to cause serious financial havoc.

Here is Larry's latest update from his Real Wealth Report given on February 2012...

"The next three years will make every crisis of the past few decades look like a Sunday afternoon walk in the park.  Every one of them, from the soaring inflation of the 1970's...and the 1998 Asian financial the tech wreck of 2000...and even the real estate crash of 2007 will pale in comparison to the turmoil the world wil go through over the next few years.

Make no mistake about it: As I warned my publisher Martin Weiss as far back as 1998 - and repeatedly since then -starting with the year 2012, the world as we know it will cease to exist.......the global monetary system will come unglued......a sovereign debt crisis will envelope the globe...and all conventional economic and financial logic will be turned virtually on its head."

(Again, as I have mentioned in the past, Larry Edelson is a secular financial analyst. His concerns and prediction relative to this debacle is absolutely uncanny. However, he understands that if you have as grave of an economic deficit condition as outlined on the article to the left, such an outcome can only be expected.)
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Doomsday Order: 
Obama Authorizes Government to Seize Farms, Energy Re-sources, Food, Processing Plants, Skilled Laborers, and Trans-portation During National Emergency

“In a nutshell, it’s the blueprint for Peacetime Martial Law and it gives the president the power to take just about anything deemed necessary for “National Defense”, whatever they decide that is."
(The Intel Hub)

(3/18/12)  -While millions of people have been preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event by relocating to rural homesteads or farms, as well as stockpiling food, water, personal defense armaments and other essential supplies with the intention of utilizing these preparations if the worst happens, the latest executive order signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012 makes clear that in the event of a nationally deemed emergency, all of these resources will fall under the authority of the United States government. The signing of the National Defense Resources Pre-paredness executive order grants the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense and other agencies complete control of all US resources, including the ability to seize, confiscate or re-delegate resources, materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense as delegated.

As of March 16, 2012, your land, your food, your water and your abilities as a laborer are now a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States government at any time they choose to initiate the provisions of this order, which according to the order itself, can be during an emergency or a non-emergency.

While some reports indicate that the general impact of this new executive order is negligible, when considered with the broader implications including the introduction and passage of laws allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial, restricting the general assembly of the individuals to protest establishment, of an internet ‘kill switch’ contingency plan and jamming of all  non-government communicat-ions, the existence of FEMA refugee and detainment camps, coupled with confirmations that the U.S. government is training members of the armed forces for domestic policing duties and preparing for economic collapse and civil unrest, the latest legislation may very well be the final nail in the coffin for American liberty as we have known it under the US Constitution.

When implemented simult-aneously with existing laws and Presidential orders, the National Defense Resources Preparedness excutive order establishes a clear chain of command and control over all aspects of American life in what can only be described as a police state under martial law.
Mac Slavo