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Dear Reader,

Over 2,500 years ago, the archangel Gabriel appeared before Daniel the prophet and told him, “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.” (Daniel 12:4).  For nearly 2,500 years, men who have diligently studied the Bible have pondered the meaning of this statement made by Gabriel as recorded by Daniel. Today, the prophetic book of Daniel is one of the most studied and relevant regarding biblical prophecy.  The incredible visions and symbolism given to Daniel are now being understood as never before as recent events shed light to their meaning.  This is especially true if one compares Daniel's prophetic foresight to the book of Revelation.  For this reason, I firmly believe we are near the end of time that all the prophets, including Jesus, alluded to.  We truly have arrived to the time where the book of Daniel is being unsealed in “this generation”.  At the same time, the statement Gabriel made regarding the increase in knowledge could never be more valid than it is this day.  This is seen in both the biblical and earthly realm as the 20th and 21st centuries have ushered in the greatest technological achievements ever seen in 6,000 years of recorded history.  Surely this is all too evident as we consider the seven month one-way wagon train journey our forefathers made only a little over a 1-1/2 centuries ago compared to the seven day round -trip to the moon and back that our astronauts made in “this generation”.  Also, we truly have entered a time when knowledge has increased beyond our wildest expectations.  The Computer Age has spawned the Information Age where we have access to more information (i.e. knowledge) than ever before and to such a degree that many are suffering from information overload.

These proofs, and more, will be given in this book to indicate that we truly are the generation that is responsible to unseal the book of Daniel, as we have entered into the “end of time”.  Many of the biblical prophecies, including those of Daniel, were not understood before the re-birth of Israel as a nation.  Since then, an incredible unfolding and understanding of biblical prophecies have taken place.  They have occurred to such a degree, that the signs of our times reveal the second advent of the Messiah to be closer than ever before.  We truly have arrived at the moment of His coming.  The question that all need to ponder and ultimately answer is are we prepared for His coming?
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