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How To Read Web-Book
For New Believers
The Tetrad Phenomena
The 2012 Mystery
Prophetic Voices
The Coming Global Economic Collapse
Last Warning
The Mahdi and Endtime Islamic Prophecies
70 and 100 Year Generations
Alien Abuction?
Dirty Nukes

Table of Contents

I. The Age of Grace
What is the Resurrection?
Glimpses of Heaven
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3

II. The Rapture
      Alien Abuction?
The Resurrection, Continued
The Love of Christ
A Near Death Testimony of Love

III. Signs of the Times
False Christs and Antichrists
What You Need to Know About Islam
        Islam's Origins
        Dirty Nukes
        Final Goal of Islam Decreed
Wars and Rumors of Wars
Nations Against Nations
Famines, Pestilences, Earthquakes & Weather....
The Apostate Church - Signs of Times, Part 2
The Olivet Discourse

IV. Israel: God's Timepiece
Sabbath Rest of the Land
The Accuracy of Biblical Prophecy
The Last Day Prophetic Visions of Daniel
Messiah's First Advent Foretold
The Great 1,000 Year Sabbath Rest
Digging Deeper..........Calculations to 
                             Messiah's First Advent

V. The European Connection
         The Mark of the Antichrist - 666
         The Meaning of "666"

VI. Rebirth of Israel
Rebuilding of the Third Temple
Reconvening of the Sanhedrin
Discovery of Copper Scroll Confirms DDS
Dead Sea Scrolls (DDS) Tell of 2 Messiahs
Last Remaining Obstacle: Ashes of the Red Heifer The Ezekiel Vision
Another View of the Gog-Magog Battle
        Valley of Dry Bones
        Defeat of Gog
What Time Is It Now?
The 70 and 100 Year Generations
800 Year Old Prophecy of Rabbi J. Ben Samuel
The Letter of Rabbi Kurdi
The Tetrad Phenomena
Digging Deeper: “The 70 & 100 Year Generations”

VII. The 2012 Mystery

VIII. The Coming Global Economic Collapse
How Did We Get Here?
The $1.4 Trillion Commercial Real Estate Collapse
        Delinquencies, Defaults and Foreclosures  Galore
The $592 Trillion Phantom Economy
        Pop Goes the Largest Credit Bubble in History
        The Catalog of Crisis
        Why Bailout Band-Aids Won't Work
The Next Housing Bust is Around the Corner
The Nightmare Begins
The World's Paper Currencies are Falling Apart
The Critical Weakness: The End of America
Turning Good Credit to Bad
Drowning in Debt
Standing at the Brink of Disaster
A 2012 Secular Economic Prediction

IX. Prophetic Voices
Is the World In Crisis Today?        
        Battle for Control of This World
The Coming Perfect Storm
        Five Elements of the Perfect Storm
        Why is the Storm Coming?
        What are Some Things That are Coming
        Four Things the Church Must Do
        Crisis is the Fruit of Following the Wrong God
Urgent: The Court of Heaven is in Session
        What God Told Me in July of 2008
        God is "Unfailingly" Redemptive
Warning From Dave Wikerson
        The Prophecy
My Awakening to His Soon Coming
A Happy Easter Story

Chronology of Jesus' crucifixion
Old & New Testament Fulfilled Prophecies
Footnote Schedule - Bibliography
Calculations of the 70 Year Generation
Calculations of the 100 Year Generation
Calculations of the 2,000 Year Epoch
The Q'ero
The Mayans
The Toltecs
The Aztecs
A Hopi Indian Prophecy
The Rwandan Prophecy
The Pole Shift Theory
Giant Solar Flares
The Carrington Event
Bible Cod Prediction
A Mega Tsunami
Collision with Planet X?
Approaching Singularity
The Prediction of St. Malachy
Crop Circles - Encoded Messages?
Jewish Belief and the Day of the Lord
The Mahdi and Endtime Prophecies of Islam
Bonus Material
You can read this web-book like any normal book. Just click on the Chapter heading and you will go directly to that page.

If you chose to read the web -book like a regular book from beginning to end, each web-page will have a link titled "Next Chapter" at the bottom and will take you like a regular book, to the next Chapter/page.

On the left column heading there are links to specific areas that appeal to different interest groups.  I have included a special section for "New Believers", which is useful for both non-believers and new believers in Jesus.  For example, the chapter titled "Short History of Israel and the Dispensations" is actually a mini -Old Testament survey which I recall wishing I had available when I was a young believer.  This will give a basic foundation to God's plan for both Israel and the world.

Lastly, also on the left hand column is a "bonus" section which are excerpts from my journal and helps augment what the Lord gave which helped prompt the writing of this book.         Enjoy!
The Coming New World Order
Does Iran Have the  Atomic Bomb?
Signs of the Coming Messiah In This Generation
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