Areas of Refuge

As the "Event" is looming closer and the reality of it unfolding becoming ever greater,  I've sensed the Lord desiring to provide areas of "refuge".  In fact, for the last two years Cindy (my wife) and I have wanted to build on a lot that we own in North Carolina.  I especially have felt that it was to be a place of "refuge".  This was not only for the purposes of hurricane evacuation, but more so for the potential for catastrophic events that are envisioned and have already been prophesied (read chapter 9 on "Prophetic Voices" in my book, Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation).  However, we have been constrained from doing so.  This constraining sense could point to the reason that we may not even be in this country, whether it be for the sake of refuge or ministry.

However, I am convinced that the Lord desires to establish areas of refuge, not only because of the "Event" but also for the future safety of His people when we enter into either pre -tribulation (which personally I believe we are in) or even the Tribulation itself. 

Based on what I believe will happen if the "Event" occurs, then a new paradigm will take place in the economic and geo-political realm as never before.  You can obtain a greater understanding of this by reading the link below titled "How to Prepare and What to Expect" Suffice it to say, that if the "Event" does take place, things will not be the same. In fact, they will be dramatically different.  For that reason, as I said before, I believe the Lord is placing upon my heart locations of refuge.  And I truly believe that such areas will be established both locally, regionally and globally. However Godspeed is seriously needed for this to be effected within the timeframe needed.

One area which He has already spoken to a number of people is the area of Manatee County, Florida.  In fact, a number of individuals who are a part of the One OMC (Original Manatee County) have sensed not only this, but also are involved with disaster relief.  It has been determined that if a call for major evacuation was made in the Miami area, for example, then an average of 110,000 people per day could be seen passing through and/or coming into original Manatee county.  Incredbily, the population of Florida is approaching 19 million and has already surpassed New York state, the most populated state in the east.

Morever, I had the privilege of discovering that a gentlemen who lives in Highlands County, located in the middle of Florida,  has been told to prepare for the area to become a refuge as well.  He's been given specific directives on what to develop and put into place. 

The second gentlemen that I had an opportunity to share the "Event" with (he's the former Mennonite pastor I mentioned in the "Confirmations" section) had spoken with a man in Ohio who knows without a shadow of a doubt that a rather large area outside the Akron/Canton Ohio area is to be a refuge area.  In fact, it was this information that helped confirm to me what I was sensing, but on a global level.

At this time, I'm not at liberty to share the locations that I believe the Lord desires to establish as refuge on a global basis (Note: this is no longer true, and in the next section below you can read about those areas I believe the Lord desires to develop as refuge areas). My sense is that these areas will be provided for not only those who desire to expatriate, but also for the establishment of safe havens for wealth preservation.  

Lastly, just within the last couple of weeks (last two weeks of March 2012), Cindy had to write a research paper for a class she is taking. Each classmate had to choose a country and discuss what the redeeming qualities of that country should be in the eyes of the Lord.  In other words, if the country were to fulfill the Lord's mandate and purpose, what would those characteristics be.  She choose the Netherlands, the country I was born in.  Just the other night she asked me if I knew what the main redemptive characteristic(s) of Holland were.  I told her I didn't know.  She shared that it was a nation of refuge as shown by Holland taking in the persecuted religious groups such as the Puritans from England, the Hugonauts from Germany, and protecting the Jews during World War II.  Lately, Holland has been a haven to the persecuted Christian Iranians as well as other such diverse Arabic groups. 

As she shared this information, it dawned on me why the Lord would have me involved in helping to develop areas of refuge.  It is a generational and ethnic calling (recall, the word ethnic also means peoples group and can refer to a nation).  Truly amazing!  

Again, stay posted for the refuge countries the Lord is speaking forth.
The "Event"
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Scripture Confirmations

The Lord has given these scriptures as confirmation for His desire to develop areas of refuge for the days following the "Event".  They were all given within a 3 week period when awareness and direction where given for acting on this concern.

Faith in the Lord's Righteousness
In the Lord I put my trust; How can you say to my soul, "Flee as a bird to your mountain?"  For look!  The wicked bend their bow. They make ready their arrow on the string.  That they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart.  If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do? 
Psalm 11: 1-3

Interpretation: This word came as I was in pre-service prayer for our church Sunday morning.  The Holy Spirit spoke that there shall be some who shall flee to the Lord's designated mountain (does not necessarily mean physical mountain, but area that the Lord will have you dwell in to establish His presence for covering and safety - a refuge.  The word "enemy", which is highlighted, is very appropriate for the "Event", for it is obviously being done in secret.

(As this Psalm was placed herein, I was intrigued by its number, 11 - again another confirmation related to the day)

The Cities of the Levites
Then the heads of the fathers' houses of the Levites came near to Eleazar the priest, to Joshua the son of Nun, and to the heads of the fathers' houses of the tribes of the children of Israel. 

And they spoke to them at Shiloh in the land of Canaan, saying, "The Lord commanded through Moses to give us cities to dwell in, with their common -lands for our livestock."
Joshua 21: 1-3

Interpretation: When I saw the subchapter heading of this scripture as given in the New King James version, I immediately knew it related to areas of refuge.  The Lord desires to provide specific areas of refuge.  The Holy Spirit interpreted the word "livestock" as "live" as in "to live" and "stock" as in to "to take stock in".  Then I immediately was given the word "you are a kingdom of priests, a holy nation".  The association is that whatever area of refuge He has you in, it will be the area (location) of life/live which He has provided and your "stock" (provision) is both in the area of refuge and Him.  From this your are to be a minister for Him.

Areas of Refuge
"Now among the cities which you will give to the Levites you shall appoint six cities of refuge, to which a manslayer may flee. And to these you shall add forty-two cities.  So all the cities you will give to the Levites shall be forty-eight; these you shall give with their common-land.  And the cities which you will give shall be from the possession of the children of Israel; from the larger tribe you shall give many, from the smaller you shall give few.  Each shall give some of its cities to the Levites, in proportion to the inheritance that each receives."
Numbers 35: 6-8

Interpretation: Very specific scripture that speaks of areas of refuge where to be provided for, particuarily those who were charged with manslaughter.  Although the cities of refuge spoke here relates to murderers, I believe it refers to the protection of those who may be murdered, maimed, or persecuted by an evil and adversarial group.
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The Goal of Freemasonry
A Way of Escape
Areas Given

I have sensed that the areas which will provide the greatest potential of refuge will be as follows, given in order of strength...

1) Australia
2) New Zealand
3) Fiji
4) Philipines
5) Singapore
6) Hong Kong

You may be surprised that I have included China in this list.  Today, China actually does not belong there. However, this hugh nation is slowly opening up to greater democratic and capitalistic idealogies.  It most definitely has a long way to go.  However, the most interesting aspect about China is that there is movement to the effect it will not tow the economic line with the western powers.  This is significant.  If so, then the establishment  of the NWO and its ultimate goal, the positioning of the Antichrist to his seat of power, may not be embraced by the Chinese.  Here is why.

In 1957 the Club of Rome was organized as a think tank of former heads of states, economists, international leaders, economists and scientists.  They divided the world into 10 "regions".  It is not surprising that World Federalists, who also advocate world regions, have detailed plans for world government similar to the Club of Rome.  Today five of the ten world regions have been formally designated.  I believe that once the great economic implosion takes place, possibly perpetrated by the "Event", I would not at all be surprised to see the additional five regions come into being.  Once the 10 regions of the world become formalized, and headed by 10 leaders (kings as identified in scripture), Daniel's vision of the fourth beast, as given in Daniel 7:7-11, elucidates these 10 horns as prevailing leader/kings.  Almost immediately, a little horn arises from one of the 10 horns (he comes out of the one horn and is like a secondary horn upon the one attached to the fourth beast.  This little horn is identified as the Antichrist. Immediately upon his ascendancy, three horns of the 10 are ripped out by him. I personally believe that this may well relate to the 10 regional consortium and that when the Antichrist comes to power, he will reject 3 of these 10 leaders.  I believe these leaders and their prospective regions may well relate to the areas as given in the above enumeration. What makes this all so plausible, especially now, is that I do not believe China will not tow the line for any nation. More convincing is that the Chinese are coming to Christ in masse.  On top of that, we have the "Back to Jerusalem" movement.  These Chinese believe they are to sow the Gospel back to Jerusalem, from where it originated.  Lastly, Rev. 16: 12 speaks about an angel pouring out his bowl on the Euphrates River so it would dry up so that "the kings of the east could march their armies towared the west without hindrance."  Is it possible that this could be a allied force primarly composed of the Chinese who actually are coming to defend Israel?  If not, why would the angel aid in drying the Euphrates? 

I personally believe at this present time any nation listed above, with the exception of China, is a good candidate for offshore investment protection.  We will hear more about this region in regards to its involvement in becoming a refuge area as the time comes closer for the absolute final days before Jesus returns.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to just hear from my matriarch prayer warrior (the one who provided the initial confirmation in the "Event" section) who recently returned from a national conference.  Many of the individuals there were from New Zealand and that region of the world.  She let me know that those whom she spoke with believe that area of the world is most destined to become a refuge area when times become extremely difficult in the world.   I would say this is another confirmation.