Possible Scenario

As the potential reality of the "Event" is becoming more pressing, especially in light of the confirmations and background preparations taking place (for example, the stepping down of high ranking executives in the banking sector as reported in the Confirmations section), I have pondered a possible scenario that would provide a perfect cover(up) for the "Event".

In the early part of 2012 (from the beginning of the year until now) reports as well as prophetic warnings were abounding that Israel was going to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran.  The reason was to destroy their nuclear production capabilities as many believe thier facilities are being used to produce atomic weapons. However, I believe the New World Order elite (by way of Obama) has asked Israel to constrain itselfb until sometime around middle August to September 2012 (I would not be surprised on or near 9/11/2012). At that time, Israel will be allowed to strike Iran pre-emptively with tacit American approval.  On the day this takes place, Iran will retaliate with a significant military response (understand that all Islamic terrorist/extremist groups will take part in this response.  For example, it is estimated that these groups have over 20,000 rockets which they will use to rain down terror and death upon Israel.  Just this response alone will devastate many parts of Israel.  Immediately following the pre-emptive attack, suppossed Islamic terrorist groups in America will detonate an array of small nuclear weapons; dirty nuclear bomb(s), small nuclear weapons and/or electromagnetic pulse bombs (EMPs).  However, in actuality, it will be a conspired act by our own country. As I've written in my book, Signs of the Coming Messiah in This Generation, the existence of an Islamic Fifth Column network in our country is already in place to perform these very deeds.  However, I believe such terrorist acts will be concocted and promoted by our own government and then blamed on this group.  An alternative proposal, which in actuality is just a derivative of the former,  is that high level American officials will give the Islamic "elite" approval to initiate its terrorist plan.  In this scenario, the Islamic Fifth Column will be notified from "higher ups" to proceed with thier plot.  It will be a perfect ruse! 

The outcome of Israel being at war with Iran and all her terrorist allies (Hezzbolah, Hamas, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, PLO and other associated terrorist groups) in combination with a "terrorist" attack in our country will cause havoc and eventual anarchy in our country.  It would not at all be surprising that Wall St. in New York City could be the very center of such an attack, thereby completely paralyzing our financial systems. Obviously, this would cause an incredible blow-out of the markets, with the Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 and all associated indices being reduced to very serious lows. In response, as a way to prevent further destruction to the markets, financial transactions will be suspended for an indefinite period of time.  Sadly, all who have their funds tied up in the stock market (mutual funds, pension funds, IRAs, etc.) will probably not be able to do a thing about it since Wall St. will be shambles and potentially "inoperative".  I believe the liklihood of a stock market "holiday" will be enacted in a similar way that a bank "holiday" will be brought upon this country at that time. In fact, I believe a bank "holiday" will also more than likely be put in effect to prevent people from pulling out the little savings they have remaining. 

The fact of the matter is banks have little cash on hand due to the over-extended fractional banking system our country operates on (remember, banks only need to carry approximately 10% of all funds that are on deposit with them).   Yet, even if such a terrorist attack doesn't take place in our country, the markets would suffer greatly.  Given the extremely fragile state of the dollar and its destined descent in value, I believe it would be the perfect time for the NWO group to take the American dollar off the world's currency standard and assign it to a reduced status or none at all.  At that time there will either be a new world currency formed or a group of block currencies which will constitute the basis of international trading.  It is not clear whether a single global currency will be established at that time.

The greatest threat to peaceable recovery is the calling forth of martial law during this period of crisis.  We need to be aware that plans are already in place or are being put together to restrict the American people as never before.  These have been previously presented on the front page of the "Event".  Please apprise yourself of them, as they give absolute credibility to the concerns of this nation becoming more a fascist state than ever before. 

Once our country goes into serious collapse, especially with a totering or non-existant economy, the propensity towards anarchy will reach critical levels.  If we begin to see rioting and looting, especially by those who use guns, it is very possible that our government may issue a gun ban which might only exacerbate the problem. Why?   Because many citizens who legally own guns will stand by their right to do so based on the Constitution.   Even a temporary ban, restriction of use or outright confiscation will cause many 'patriots' to defend their life, property and liberty unto death, just as Patrick Henry had declared a little over 200 years ago. If this be the case, we will most seriously see the advent of a second 'Revolutionary War'. 

Will the above noted scenario be the expected outcome of the "Event"?  It cannot be determined.  I believe given the resolve of a large number of Americans, many will certainly stand to protect what is most dear to them. However, even with the majority in compliance to government edicts which are camaflouged to paint a picture of "patriotic" protectionism, a protracted financial collapse and attendant depression will most certainly wear out most.  Moreover, if this "Event" spawns the use of dirty nuclear devices by the "terrorists", many in this country will more than likely have to be relocated.  You can be assurred the government will make the areas that need to be relocated the largest possible.  The result is to cause confusion, shock and disruption to as many Americans as possible so that the "helping hand"of "Big Brother" will be there to do what is best for its slaves, excuse me, I meant citizens. Or so it will be made to appear.      
Folks, America is on the road to dictatorship. Americans have been brainwaished to believe the onerous and liberty restricting edicts that have suppossedly come down from such patriotic sounding organizations as Homeland Security and the Patriot Act are in actuality powers that have as their goal to enslave and subjugate this country!  Proof that these serious allegations have merit can be viewed with the articles provided herein.

In all honesty, it is a horrific matter to see Americans blantatly selling out their God given liberties to a group (the NWO elite) that has every purpose and absolute intent to destroy them.  It is even more so for Christians if their predilection is to turn a blind eye to such political atrocities being committed before our very eyes!  The end result of the "ostrich head in the sand syndrome" is that persecution will most certainly increase.  I, for one, am not in the camp that promotes persecution for the inducement of church growth.  In fact, if the body of Christ were to follow Jesus' command in fulfilling the Great Commission, we would continue presenting the Gospel in our Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria and the outer most parts of the world avidly, while we still have the freedom to do so relatively unhindered. 

On a personal note, I can so well remember the day I spoke with a Scottish man who was an art professor at Ringling Art College.  He had immigrated to this country from Scotland over 34 years ago.  If art was not his first love, then certainly history was.  I remember as he so eloquantly spoke about the days living in Scotland as well in America.  He was especially learned in the history of Sarasota, that has had a great influx of Scottish settlers in its heyday.  One day as we spoke about the dire situation pressing upon this country, we both shared our love for this land.  We both acknowledged how this once great country had done so much good for the whole world, especially in liberating Europe from the hand of takeover by Hitler and his satanic horde.  We both realized that in our generation, this land provided tremendous opportunity for us and many others to realize their dreams.  Yet, we also lamentated the fact that the problems we saw facing this country were on the verge of being insurmountable. As I shared with him my deep burden and understanding that the economic demise of this country was at hand, tears began to swell up in his eyes.  I believe he was aware of the prognosis due this country for the lack of financial stewardship that has been part and parcel of our leaders.  I realized at that time, many who have come to the "land of opportunity" are extremely saddened if not angered by what they see is taking place.  I can certainly tell you I am.

Even more tragic is the knowledge that our "founding fathers" were for the most part Masons who knew very well the intent and purpose of their craft.  To know that the upper level members were tacitly involved with the practice of the occult (i.e. santanism) is as shocking as it is tragic.  Moreover, to know that they purposely have destined this once great country to become a major player in the formation and establishment of the Antichrist's reign is all the more sickening.  Please read the sections "Who Truly Were Our Founding Fathers" and "The Goal of FreeMasonry" to find out the truth regarding this contention.  I believe you will be shocked as I was in learning of these diabolical plans. 

I pray each and every one of us will take stock in what is taking place this very day.  I honestly believe that the day of reckoning is very, very near.  First, as Christians we need to be close to our Lord as ever.  This is first and foremost.   We need to pray that He would give us His mind and help us to determine what direction He would have us go.  We need to realize that it may not be so much for our own kingdom as it would be for His. I do believe that from what may inevitably take place, opportunity can avail.  And if we truly desire to make sober and practical decisions, we may be given great opportunity to be a blessing first, and in so doing, be blessed at the same time.
The "Event"
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Iran Nuke Work at Bunker is Confirmed
By George Jahn

VIENNA (AP) 1/8/12 Diplomats on Monday confirmed a report that Iran has begun uranium enrichment at an underground bunker and said the news is particularly worrying because the site is being used to make material that can be upgraded more quickly for use in a nuclear weapon than the nation's main enriched stockpile.

The diplomats said that centrifuges at the Fordo site near Iran's holy city of Qom are churning out uranium enriched to 20 percent. That level is higher than the 3.5 percent being made at Iran's main enrichment plant and can be turned into fissile warhead material faster and with less work.

But with the time and effort reduced between making weapons-grade uranium from the 20-percent level, the start of the Fordo operation increases international fears that Iran is determined to move closer to the ability to make nuclear warheads — despite insistence by the Islamic Republic that it is enriching only to make reactor fuel. Its dismissal of findings by the International Atomic Energy Agency of secret experimental work on a nuclear weapons program also worries the international community.

Iran recently threatened to blockade the Strait of Hormuz, an important transit route for almost one -fifth of the oil traded globally. Tehran also has been angered by the West's efforts to sanction Iran over its nuclear program, including a possible ban on European imports of Iranian oil.

Fordo's location increases concerns.  The facility is a hardened tunnel and is protected by air defense missile batteries and the Revolutionary Guard. The site is located about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Qom, the religious nerve center of Iran's ruling system. The semiofficial Mehr news agency quoted Iran's nuclear chief, Fereidoun Abbasi, as saying Sunday that "the enemy doesn't have the ability to damage it."  Built next to a military complex, Fordo was long kept secret and was only acknowledged by Iran after it was identified by Western intelligence agencies in September 2009.

Two diplomats spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because their information was confidential and based on an inspection of Fordo last week by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

They said 348 machines were operating at Fordo in two cascades — the linked up configuration needed to enrich. Two other cascades were nearly assembled but not working, they said. The centrifuges appeared to be the standard old-generation machines in use at the main enrichment site at Natanz and not advanced, more efficient prototype versions.

About 8,000 centrifuges are operating at Natanz, where five years of enrichment have turned out enough material for several nuclear warheads.
War with Iran is Inevitable

By Simon Nguyen | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Sat, Feb 4, 2012

COMMENTARY: Defense secretary Leon Panetta raised some eyebrows this week when he told Washington Post journalist David Ignatius that Israel might strike Iran's secretive nuclear facilities sometime this spring. The revelation makes it likely Israel will pursue this move. Panetta would not have publicly given a timetable for an Israeli strike unless such a plan is in the final stages.

This would not be the first time Israel takes out nuclear facilities in an Arab country. Israeli airplanes allegedly bombed a Syrian nuclear site in 2007. While Syria's reaction to the air strike was rather muted, one should expect a much more aggressive response from the Iranians if their facilities are attacked.

As Iran has always viewed Israel as its No. 1 adversary, a direct attack from Israel will surely trigger war between the countries. Since the U.S. and Israel are inseparable, this means America will likely be involved in the conflict one way or another. In a meeting with U.S airmen on Friday, Panetta was reported by the Associated Press to have given hint of possible military actions if Iran does not reverse course.
A war with Iran is likely to extend beyond conventional battlefields. Iran's greatest weapons are not tanks and guns, but its networks of proxies and terrorist groups. What actions Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza will undertake to support their ally Iran against Israel? Will Iran join hands with al-Qaida and other terrorist groups to plan attacks on the U.S. and its allies?

The biggest concern with regard to a possible Israel-Iran conflict is its impact on the region and on the world's economy. The Middle East is already at a boiling point with mass unrests and unstable governments. The last thing it needs is a war between Israel and Iran. Also, Iran has repeatedly threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz where 20 percent of the world's oil shipments are estimated by the EIA to pass through.
Napolitano Cites Potential Hezbollah Attack Against United States

Wednesday, 15 Feb 2012 By Newsmax Wires

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she is concerned about the possibility that the terrorist Hezbollah organization might attack the United States.

Napolitano told lawmakers Wednesday that the Homeland Security Department has contacted Jewish organizations around the country and is working with the FBI and other law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

She said there is no specific or credible threat against any organization or target in the United States, which considers Hezbollah a terrorist group.

Iran has been accused of launching a series of attacks against Israeli interests this week in Thailand, Georgia (country, not the state), and India.

Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim group based in Lebanon, is closely allied with Iran. The Defense Department estimates that Hezbollah receives between $100 million and $200 million a year in funding from Iran.
Napolitano said the threat from Hezbollah remains a "critical situation worth watching."

“We’re constantly monitoring” the potential danger, Napolitano said.

Other Articles
A Way of Escape
A Seven - Day War Is Coming
From Mike Evans               7-17-12

This morning I was led to share an update on the likelihood of war in the Middle East with you.  From my contacts in Washington, Jerusalem and around the world, and interviews with more than fifty military, economic and political leaders, I believe that war is very close. Let me show you the meaning of current events that you won’t hear from the liberal media.

Iran’s atomic program has reached critical status. A report published in the Washington Post last November stated unequivocally that Iranian scientists have grasped the essential steps required to produce a nuclear weapon. Assistance from other countries has made it possible for them to surmount the fundamental technical issues that would allow the production of an atomic device.

Israel has an open window for an attack on Iran’s nuclear production facilities, but that window will rapidly close. I believe the most likely time for such an attack is sometime between September 15th and October 15th. There are a number of reasons why this could happen. The presidential election in America is one factor that plays heavily in the timing of any attack. Another indicator is the massive buildup of US forces in the region.

In recent days, a third aircraft carrier battle group has been assigned to join the two already operating in the Middle East. The Navy has sent advanced submersible anti-mine vehicles and drones to the region. An F-22 Air Force squadron has been positioned in the Gulf, and two Army brigades are stationed in Kuwait. None of these moves guarantees a war, but these are the steps that would be taken to prepare for one.

Israel required only six days in 1967 to repel an attack by Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. With Russian warships currently off the coast of Syria and Iran’s capability to launch missiles that can reach inside Israel, an extra day may be needed for the Israeli Defense Forces to subdue her enemies this time—a Seven-Day War. And don’t discount a repeat of the miraculous events which transpired during the Six-Day War—an armed force of 100,000 men supplied with the very best Russian tanks, cannons, rockets, and fighter jets was destroyed in just two days. Israeli soldiers could only respond to those happenings by saying it was, “The finger of God.”

War could be prevented by strong US action against Iran, but at this point, that will only come as God changes the hearts of our leaders. And we must be faithful and diligent in our prayers to that end.
Iran Reports Nuclear Progress as Sanctions Loom

By Parisa Hafezi | Reuters
TEHRAN (Reuters/1-1-12)

Iran announced a nuclear fuel breakthrough and test-fired a new radar-evading medium-range missile in the Gulf on Sunday, moves that could further antagonize the West at a time when Tehran is trying to avert harsh new sanctions on its oil industry.

U.S. President Barack Obama signed a law on Saturday imposing tougher financial sanctions to penalize Iran for a nuclear research programme that the West suspects is aimed at developing nuclear weapons.

The move could for the first time hurt Tehran's oil exports, and the European Union is due to consider similar steps soon.

As tensions have risen, Iran threatened last week to close the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow Gulf shipping lane through which 40 percent of world oil flows, if sanctions hit its oil exports.