New Material
Signs of the Coming Messiah In This Generation
by H. Vandergouw
For New Believers
Short History of Israel and the Dispensations
Exploring Revelation
Age of Grace
The Rapture
The Tetrad Phenomena
The 2012 Mystery
Prophetic Voices
The Coming Global Economic Collapse
Scriptures and Comments
Last Warning
The Mahdi and Endtime Islamic Prophecies
70 and 100 Year Generations
Alien Abuction?
Dirty Nukes

Synopsis and How to Read Book

How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast
Bonus Material
The Coming New World Order
Does Iran Have the  Atomic Bomb?
How to Read Book and Chapter Synopsis

This book has been written for unbelievers and believers alike. Some chapters are geared more to the unbeliever while others are meant more for the Christian who wishes to not only gain a greater understanding in the times we are living in, but have greater knowledge about understanding about endtime prophecy.   

Below, descriptions are given for each chapter to help the reader decide which ones would interest them the most.  I have included a reader recommendation with the following designations: Unbeliever/New Christian and Mature Christian. The designations for “Mature Christian” does not necessarily mean that a unbeliever or New Christian cannot read these Chapters/sections.  I recommend that all read the entire book if possible.  However, the designations are given so the reader will be able to enjoy most of this book by reading those chapters which are more specifically geared to the interest/comprehension level suited for them. 

I have also given a synopsis of each chapter so at the same time, the reader can determine which chapters will interest them the most based on content and subject matter.

Chapter I. Age of Grace (Unbeliever/New Christian) looks at testimonies of individuals who have actually died and then came back to life, often called Near Death Experiences. Incredibly, a significant majority of these cases experience some realm of an afterlife best described in the Christian perspective as either heaven and/or hell.  A survey conducted by Dr. Raymond Moody in the 70’s concluded that all individuals who experienced a bona fide NDE believed in an afterlife after death.  This is significant, since it provides experiential evidence for the case of Jesus Christ and the Bible which speaks of these realms.  Besides this important facet, these testimonies provide both unbeliever and believer alike with glimpses of heaven, thereby giving the reader a hope and an excitement to receive in their heart Jesus and prepare for His coming.

This chapter will also investigate the hopes and aspirations for every believer, which is the future resurrection of their bodies that will become glorified at the time of the Rapture.  Read what a glorified body will be able to do.  Also, find out about Dr. R. Eby’s experiences in heaven and what his “spirit body” was like while there.

Chapter II. The Rapture (New/Mature Christian) looks at one of the most anticipated and exciting events in a Christian's life, the catching away of every born-again believer in Jesus Christ. This will occur when Jesus comes in our sky and gives a shout. Then those who've died in Christ will rise first to meet him and then we, who are alive, will follow and will be transported to heaven to partake in a heavenly celebration while this earth endures the Tribulation, a apocylaptic time of utter horror.
This chapter also further investigates the difference between a “spirit body” and a resurrected/glorified body as well as what happens to those who do not make it into heaven.  Also included is a testimony of an individual who experienced a NDE - showing the incredible love that Jesus has for all - unbeliever and unbeliever alike.

New information will be given to provide solid precedence for the truth of the Rapture, an event truly to be looked forward to.

Chapter III. Sign of the Times (Unbeliever/Believer) provides a broad overview of the “signs” this earth and its people are and will manifest as explained by Jesus on the Mount of Olives less than one week before His crucifixion.  The evidence presented truly points a picture that “this generation” is in the midst of “birth pangs” which would immediately precede the Rapture, the 7 year period of Tribulation and then the literal return of Jesus to set-up His Millennial Kingdom.

The Olivet Discourse will be looked at in greater detail to show why Jesus was speaking to His disciples in context of the Jewish Age (Dispensation of Law) and not the Church Age, which has caused so much confusion among believers about whether they will have to endure the full 7 years of Tribulation of not.

Chapter IV, Israel: God’s Timepiece (Believer/Mature Christian) shows the reader how Israel is truly the “clock” for the culmination of the Church Age or Age of Grace, which Jesus refers to in Luke 21:24 as....."until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled" in His Olivet Discourse.  Also, discover Jesus’ statement, “Now learn the lesson from the fig tree: as soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, know summer is near….” identifies the rebirth of Israel after nearly 2,000 years in the Diaspora.  This means Jesus’ coming is near, “right at the door” as He so stated in Matthew 24: 32-33!

Learn about Israel’s failure to employ the Levetical law of leaving the land at rest every 7 years, which brought chastisement by God to the Jews in the culmination of the Exilic Period and Diaspora.  Most incredibly, see the scriptures and calculations given that determines the rebirth of Israel exactly on May 14th, 1948 as promulgated by this law, a truly phenomenal aspect to endtime prophecy.  Moreover, learn about the prophetic message given to Daniel by the angelic messenger Gabriel, who details Messiah’s first advent and the time of His crucifixion to the tee!  The “Digging Deeper” section details the actual calculation used to determine this most miraculous event. 

Chapter V, the Rebirth of Israel (Unbeliever/Believer) looks at the rebirth of the tiny nation of Israel.  Learn how God used an Old Testament law to have Israel become born again on May 14, 1948.  Learn about the search for the Ark of the Covenant and the claim by the Temple Institute, an organization primarily responsible for having all the necessary implements ready for Temple services, that the Ark has been located! Also find out about the discovery of the Holy Anointing Oil, described in the Dead Sea Scrolls and used to anoint the kings of Israel, ready now for anointing King Jesus when He assumes kingship over this whole earth.

Lastly, learn that Dr. Asher Kaufman located the original site of the Temple directly north of the Moslem “Golden Dome of the Rock”, confirmed by the historian Josephus, allowing the Temple to be rebuilt without removing any Muslim buildings!  And read about the reconvening of the Sanhedrin, the council of the elders, which was brought back into existence as recently as 2004.  Then find out about the amazing  800 year old prophecy of Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel in 1200 AD, who accurately predicted the return of the Jews back to Israel and its liberation to become the land she is today.

Chapter VI, The European Connection (Unbeliever/Believer) looks at the relationship Europe has with the end times as envisioned by Daniel the prophet.  Receive understanding how Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a “metallic man” ties in with the vision that Daniel was given of the different kingdoms that have prevailed through the ages.  Find out how the "Revived" Roman Empire, identified as a mixture of iron and clay of the feet and toes of the “metallic man” fits the description of the initial European community which will eventually transmute into a 10 division global confederacy.  Also find out the incredible correlation that Europe has embraced with the spirit of Babylon in Islam.  Evidence of this phenomenal association is seen in the symbolism displayed by their Parliament building and currency.

Lastly, discover the evidence and use of the “Mark of the Beast” system – 666 - this very day in commerce, government and technology.  Only in “This Generation” could technology have been invented to allow for the identification and tracking of every human being in the world today indicating how close we are to the advent of Messiah.

Chapter VII, The 2012 Mystery (Unbeliever/Believer) considers the varied groups such as the Incas, Aztec, Mayan and other meso-American people who almost unanimously believe that the world system as it exists today is destined to end December 21, 2012! Also, learn about the Rwandan prophecy given in 1981 that not only spoke about the soon return of Jesus, but prophesies the massacres that devastated that nation in the 90’s.

Find out what investigators and scientists alike are saying about the coming peak activity in solar flares that could have devastating consequences on our way of life.  At the same time, more diverse cataclysms such as pole shifts, mega-tsunamis and other planetary interactions could truly wreck havoc with Earth!

Finally, discover what the Islamic belief of the “Mahdi” portends and its relation to endtime biblical prophecy.

Chapter VIII, The Coming Global Economic Collapse (Unbeliever/Believer).  This chapter details and explains the very serious plight and conditions of our present economic status.  Read how our government has indebted this nation on a level never before seen so that in the last 50 years, America is now the greatest debtor nation in the world from a place of being the greatest creditor nation!

Read about the coming additional financial debacles which will cause catastrophic consequences not only to our country, but that of the world.  Included is a survey of the global economic/currency conditions that will only help to accelerate this global economic collapse into a “New World Order” which the Bible so clearly speaks of.  Also learn about a secular analysts investigative reporting which reveals that financial globalists are working behind the scenes today to bring about a “new global currency”.  Not only that, but an interview held with this investigator/analyst and Richard Mogey, Research Director for the Foundation of the Study of Cycles, concludes a “Perfect Storm” is destined to occur in 2012 based on his research!

Chapter IX; Prophetic Voices (Unbeliever/Believer) considers the latest prophecies given by men of God.  Incredibly, almost all line up with each other regarding the soon return of Jesus and/or the coming economic storm which was extensively written about in Chapter 8.

Included is this author's testimony.  Read about when and how the Holy Spirit conveyed the essential message of this book.  Not only that, but this message was also confirmed by two other witnesses whom he personally met who stated they would not see death before the return of Jesus, just like Simeon had been spoken to in Luke 2:26.

Lastly, a beautiful view is given by an African man who died and was raised from the dead on Easter Sunday.  What a fantastic picture all believers can have of their future and Christ.  It truly paints a picture that the best is yet to come!

Web - Book offers Bonus material, especially geared for new believers...........

Exploring Revelation
A quick easy to read primer on the basics of the book of Revelation. Especially geared to new believers as well as old.

Short History of Israel and the Dispensations
A short but concise history of Israel presented in an Old Testament survey form with an analysis on the dispensations.  Again, great for new believers.

How to Avoid the Mark of the Beast
A quck presentation, as in the form of a tract, which can be copied to give to friends, family and others.  Handy and powerful tool for the days we are living in.
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