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Signs of the Coming Messiah In This Generation
by H. Vandergouw
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The Vision

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I became wonderfully born-again by the spirit of the living God on Feb. 5, 1989.  I was a late comer into the kingdom of God, being 39 years old at the time.  To say the least, my whole world was turned upside down as I became a new creation in Christ Jesus.  Like many, I experienced a honey-moon with my Lord that was second to none.  I have to admit, I still relish for those days, as it was filled with such awe, wonder, revelation and relationship all coupled with a love from Jesus that I never knew existed.  It was such an incredible and glorious time.  And, I was such a sponge, absorbing all the Lord wanted to share with me.  What a feast!

One of the areas that the Lord sparked a deep interest within was the study/research in apologetics.  Since I had graduated with a B.S in pharmacy, much of my education was devoted to the hard sciences.  One area in particular that jostled my belief structure was the theory of evolution which I had so much come to believe in. After landing a man on the moon, I most certainly believed the “scientists” had to be right on this one too!  I realize now how indoctrinated I had become.  Because of this, the Lord put it in my heart to investigate the truths of His claims compared to the claims made by the scientific community.  The information the Lord revealed was so immense and crystal clear, that I decided to write a book about proof for God titled “The Evidence”.  It truly was a “college” education in the Holy Spirit as a manuscript resulted from my study and research.  In fact, I was nearly published by Logos Books (quite an honor to even be considered since so few Christian writers are published unless they self publish). I have considered writing a second edition to this book if and when time avails.  Also, within the same time frame, I wrote a manuscript titled “Signs of the Times”.  Much of the information contained therein was used in this rendition as well as more recent information/revelations regarding endtime prophecy that have recently come forth.  Simultaneously, both works resulted in proof and evidence for Jesus as I had never seen before.  What was so exciting about this new information is that athesim and so many other "man made" religions can be readily disproven.  We, the people of the One and Only God, now have weapons that we are to use for giving a basis of our faith!  I find this extremely exciting and encouraging.  At the same time, I also hope that you will become a keen and extremely educated student of end-time prophecy so that you can truly believe that Jesus is coming very soon.

Another area that I believe the Lord has placed on my heart to explore and delve more deeply in this book is evidence for the Rapture of the Church.  I have been surprised by the many differing positions Christians have regarding this most blessed event. In fact, I would venture to say that at least 80% of Christians I've spoken to regarding the Rapture believe it occurs when Jesus comes to rule and reign on earth.  I noticed even in myself that as the years proceeded on, the daily buffeting of life even began to shake my faith at times regarding this glorius event.  I recall a period of approximately five years that I began to seriously question the “Blessed Hope”, which I believe is the catching away of the Bride of Christ before the Great Tribulation.  However, during the preparation of this book, the Lord placed a great burden to show weighty evidence for the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of His Church.  In fact, I am more convinced than ever that we will be caught away before the worst period of time that this world will ever experience, which is identified as the Tribulation.  I hope you will follow the exciting and important information presented so you too can live a more productive and fruitful life for Jesus, in hope and not fear, especially since His anticipated return is so near.

Lastly, another area that the Holy Spirit placed a great burden upon my heart was the coming collapse of the American economy.  In the previous manuscript, Signs of the Times, I had included a section of this topic titled “The Coming Collapse of America”.  Yet, throughout the 90's and most of 2000, we essentially did not see a fulfillment of this prophecy, leading many of us to question whether we heard rightly.  We find that many prophets are frustrated when the Lord gives them a prophecy and it does not fulfill itself in the time frame they assumed it would happen.  Because of this, they either feel they have missed it or incorrectly prophesied altogether. However, the stock market collapse in 2008 coupled with the credit crisis vindicated many, not that we celebrated this event by any means.  However, recent information and further prophetic implications allude to a more severe economic crisis shortly coming ahead.  I will reveal the seriousness of these new implications and even provide a prophetic time frame for it to occur.   It is destined to be a significantly more severe event than the 2008 credit crisis that I believe will be a catalyst to usher the New World Order, ultimately to be headed up by the Antichrist.  Nonetheless, so overwhelming has this last event been (the 2008 stock market and credit collapse) that the next economic downturn will devastate many a portfolio unless your strategically positioned. 

For this reason, a financial advisory is being offered which is intended to help avert the worst losses for those who are in the stock market with a buy and hold game plan.  From the information that is presented in the chapter titled, “The Coming Global Economic Collapse”, I pray you will position yourself financially so that you not only will be financially protected by the coming collapse, but even be able to profit in order to advance the kingdom of God as never before.  In response to this concern, we are offering a financial advisory at a special discount rate titled to provide you strategies and financial mechanisms that are used to protect investment portfolios of any size.  Moreover, in combination with Bless Israel Investments (available at, one can develop a balanced portfolio that will not only bless Israel, but the investor as well. Lastly, Higher Power Investing has been established specifically for the body of Christ to help provide a tiered investment strategy that employs real estate, stocks, mutual funds, and precious metals to not only protect wealth, but increase it in these last days so the Lord can be glorified. Therefore, another goal (reason) for this service is to utililize the prosperity gained to sow back and expand the kingdom of God as never before.  For those who embrace this vision, Higher Power Investing is offering this service at a special discounted rate of only $29.00 for the first year for those of you who have purchased this web-book.

In the meantime, I pray you will be blessed reading Signs of the Coming Messiah In This Generation and be able to prosper mightly and become emboldened to become a greater man/woman of God........all for His Glory!
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Even if the Lord were not to come in "This Generation", if there is any prophecy/prediction that will soon come to pass, it is the collapse of the global currency and economy as noted in Chapter VIII, The Coming Global Economic Collapse.  This can only be so because economic law cannot be broken any easier than the law of gravity.  Ultimately, it will be used to bring forth a single world currency and a "New World Order"